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Journal of Environmental Science and Technology
  Year: 2011 | Volume: 4 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 158-171
DOI: 10.3923/jest.2011.158.171
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Brackish Water Desalination is the Merely Potable Water Potential in the Gaza Strip: Prospective and Limitations

Ahmed Hisham Hilles and Husam Al-Najar

Due to the increasing of salinity and nitrate in the groundwater aquifer, most of the water-relevant institutions in Gaza strip rely on brackish water desalination for drinking purposes. The study aims to evaluate the small-scale brackish water desalination plants in the Gaza strip and to highlight its environmental impacts. Samples of water from inlet and outlet for 43 local desalination plants were collected and analyzed in Water Laboratory of Palestinian Ministry of Health. Chloride, Ca and HCO3¯ were measured by Titration while EC, TDS and pH were determined using electrode and NO3¯ by spectrophotometer. Analyzed results have been compared with WHO standards, the parameters such as; TDS, Cl, Ca and NO3 in the outlet were lower than WHO limits in most desalination plants. Results indicate that TDS concentration in most of desalination plants (outlet) ranges from 61-120 mg L-1, while, Cl, Ca and NO3 were ranged from 0-60, 0-30 and 0-60 mg L-1, respectively. The variations of the chemical parameters are due to the variations of inlet water and instability of desalination efficiency. The monitoring of small-scale desalination plants is urgently needed to obtain the required safe chemical parameters. Meanwhile, more studies on the environmental impacts of desalination should be conducted in order to take the proper measures to protect the environment and the human health.
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  •    Effect of GIS Interpolation Techniques on the Accuracy of the Spatial Representation of Groundwater Monitoring Data in Gaza Strip
  •    Evaluation of Corrosion and Encrustation Potentials of Boreholes in Yola Area, Northeastern Nigeria
  •    Bacteriological Studies on the Potability, Efficacy and EIA of Desalination Operations at Sharm El-Sheikh Region, Egypt
How to cite this article:

Ahmed Hisham Hilles and Husam Al-Najar, 2011. Brackish Water Desalination is the Merely Potable Water Potential in the Gaza Strip: Prospective and Limitations. Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 4: 158-171.

DOI: 10.3923/jest.2011.158.171


21 October, 2010
Farid Hani:
The research shows the importance of following up desalination plants. This problem is common in the third word countries, people like to have good taste water, but not good quality.

It is one of the most leading research in such neglected issues
12 October, 2013
Ahmed H. Hilles :

Thanks a lot Mr. Farid, Greetings





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