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Journal of Applied Sciences
  Year: 2007 | Volume: 7 | Issue: 19 | Page No.: 2794-2799
DOI: 10.3923/jas.2007.2794.2799
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Properties and Suitability of Wadi Zarieb Feldspars For Ceramic Industries in Egypt

Ashraf F. Moharem and Alla Eldin M. Saleh

Wadi Zarieb area lies 10 km to the south, midway on the Qena-Safaga paved road. Pegmatites are the most important rock type in the area that are the source of feldspars in the ceramic industries. Most of the pegmatite bodies that are invading granitoid rocks at Wadi Zarieb, central Eastern Desert, are classified as zoned pegmatites. They mainly consist of coarse-grained milky quartz core, intermediate Li-mica zone and wall zone of feldspars. Feldspars represent 45% of ceramic constituents that are the main fluxing components used in ceramic industries. The Wadi Zarieb feldspars were found to have good grinding ability only requiring 120-150 min to obtain the needed grain size with a release of both Na+ and K+ in the solution which, in turn, enhance the rheological properties of the ceramic slip. The total alkalis content (sum of Na2O + K2O) in Zarieb K-feldspars is more than 13%, whereas the uranium content is ranging between 1 and 2 ppm. The thorium content is not exceed 7. Then, the geochemical data reveals that Zarieb K-feldspars are good flux in ceramic industries. The results of the physical tests illustrated by water absorption %, shrinkage and bending strength beside their good resist for thermal shock suggest that the feldspars of the studied area can be used for wall and floor ceramic industry. Finally, the economical aspects of the Wadi Zarieb K-feldspars were compiled to give an idea of to what extent costs can be saved in ceramics production by using this feldspar source. This assumption is supported by the self-separation of feldspars in zoned pegmatites that are delivered as rock raw materials which are used as they are without any upgrading or treatments.
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Ashraf F. Moharem and Alla Eldin M. Saleh, 2007. Properties and Suitability of Wadi Zarieb Feldspars For Ceramic Industries in Egypt. Journal of Applied Sciences, 7: 2794-2799.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2007.2794.2799






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