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Journal of Applied Sciences
  Year: 2006 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 12 | Page No.: 2670-2672
DOI: 10.3923/jas.2006.2670.2672
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Influence of Market Location, Sex and Species on Weight and Prices of Sheep and Goats Around Jos Plateau State

S.M. SIR, A.A. Abubakar and I.N. Onuma

This study was conducted to investigate some of the factors affecting sheep and Goats marketing in Jos and environ. Data used in the study were collected in five selected local livestock markets, namely Rikkos, Bukuru, Barkin Ladi, Gada and Tilden Fulani. After price bargain between sellers and buyers, the animals are weighed. The weight is recorded against the agreed price and sex of the animal in each of the five markets. A total of 120 animals were recorded in each market location between January and April 2003. The breeds of sheep and goats considered in the present study were Balami (BM), Uda (UD), Yankasa (YK) and West African Dwarf sheep (WS); Sokoto Red (SR), Bauchi Red (BR) and West African Dwarf goats (WG). Data obtained were analysed using simple analyses of variance and the means separated using least significant differences. Weight were significantly (p<0.05) affected by market location in sheep while in goats were not. Mean weight of 28.08±1.70, 29.96±1.13, 25.54±0.87, 27.71±1.44 and 26.71±1.15 kg were recorded in Rikkos, Tilden Fulani, Bukuru, Barkin Ladi and Gada markets, respectively. Weight and prices of sheep and goats were significantly (p<0.05) affected by sex and species; higher mean weight and prices of 27.18±0.85 kg and 2727.7±33.4 were recorded on males than the females which recorded 25.45±0.91 kg and 2529.8±33.0. Also higher weight and price of 27.28±0.85 kg and 2913.0±19.6 were recorded on sheep than goat which recorded 25.35±0.74 kg and 2406.6±41.4, respectively. In goats prices were significantly (p<0.05) affected by breeds; mean prices of N2549.2±73.5, 2341.3±62.0 and 2334.9±74.1 were recorded on SR, BR and WG, respectively. In general, factors considered in the present study play a vital role in sheep and goat marketing especially price determination.
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S.M. SIR, A.A. Abubakar and I.N. Onuma , 2006. Influence of Market Location, Sex and Species on Weight and Prices of Sheep and Goats Around Jos Plateau State. Journal of Applied Sciences, 6: 2670-2672.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2006.2670.2672






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