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Journal of Artificial Intelligence
  Year: 2013 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 33-42
DOI: 10.3923/jai.2013.33.42
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Real Time Monitoring and Controlling Of Transformers

S. Dharanya, M. Priyanka, R. Rubini and A. Umamakeswari

Transformers are basic design of electrical device which provide power transmission by transforming induced current from one circuit to another. The induced current can be converted step up or step down of current or voltage. This application mainly concentrates on the three-phase transformers which are used in between electric poles and the Power transformers. The real time controlling is done on the basic features like gas level, oil aging and regulation of overload and temperature maintenance. These features are essential for effective power transmission and long life of industrial transformers. The monitoring and control of the transformer is done by using ARM7 processor, RF transmission for wireless communication and sensors which check the level of gas, aging of oil, overload and maintain temperature by regular observation. There are various transformer maintenance techniques but this paper gives a real time monitoring and controlling of transformers by using ARM7 processor which replace the bulky computers making it as embedded system. The design is to sense the features of transformer and send the information regularly to the processor, the processor in turn will makes the transmission through RF to the client. So, this design makes possible to attain real time control and monitoring of oil, gas, overload and temperature range in the transformer.
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  •    Observing Chaotic Oscillations Induced by under Load Tap Changer in Power Systems
  •    Evaluation of the Localised Loss Transformer Core Lamination
  •    On-Line Monitoring of Hydropower Plants in Pakistan
  •    Microcontroller-based Fast On-load Semiconductor Tap Changer for Small Power Transformer
  •    Power Transformer Protection Using Microcontroller-Based Relay
How to cite this article:

S. Dharanya, M. Priyanka, R. Rubini and A. Umamakeswari, 2013. Real Time Monitoring and Controlling Of Transformers. Journal of Artificial Intelligence, 6: 33-42.

DOI: 10.3923/jai.2013.33.42


26 February, 2014
sir i need this circuit diagram with component specification for implementing part of our project. plz do me a favor.
11 July, 2015
pol Ganesh:
I m last year BE electrical engineering students
Plz give us circuit diagrams and other information regarding this sub we decide to work on this sub as project....
02 September, 2016
nebe desmond :
greetings sir, i am working on automatic parameters conctrol on transformer like overload, gas level, oil level and temperature using an arduino microcontrol and i will like to have a circuit diagram for the practical implemmentation.




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