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Journal of Agronomy
  Year: 2006 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 1-4
DOI: 10.3923/ja.2006.1.4
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Effects of Biological and Chemical Fertiliser on Growth and Yield of Glutinous Corn Production

Sopit Vetayasuporn

A field experiment was undertaken to determine the effects of biological fertiliser (Bokashi) with chemical fertiliser (NPK 15:15:15) on the growth and yield of glutinous corn cultivation in Roi-Et province, Northeast Thailand. Four treatments were compared consisting of T1 (control), T2 (4.8 kg NPK 15:15:15), T3 (Bokashi 19.2 kg) and T4 (4.8 kg NPK 15:15:15 + Bokashi 9.6 kg). Yield of ears without husks under all treatments increased between 16-108% when compared to the control. Application of Bokashi alone showed 16% increased yield of ears without husks over the control. However, in terms of statistical data, the total yield of ears was similar to those found in control. Moreover, plant height, plant diameter and area of the largest leaves were insignificant at a confidence level of 95%. Excluding labor costs, the maximum net return (25.92 US$) was obtained in T4 which corresponding with the highest total yield of ears without husks (182.78±13.85 kg). The total yield of ears without husks obtained in T4 was statistically at par with T2 (165.02±7.60 kg) and yield of ears obtained in T4 and T2 were 107.89 and 87.69% over control. Even yield of ears and percentage net return obtained from Bokashi was less than those found from chemical fertiliser alone but taking into account chemical fertiliser cost, which is ten times higher than biological fertiliser, the soil amendment with Bokashi may be a practicable alternative for the poor farmers who own degraded farmlands may be unable to afford the cost of chemical fertiliser. Moreover, organic farming with effective microorganisms technology is simple, sustainable, economically viable, beneficial for farmers` livelihoods and environmentally friendly.
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Sopit Vetayasuporn , 2006. Effects of Biological and Chemical Fertiliser on Growth and Yield of Glutinous Corn Production. Journal of Agronomy, 5: 1-4.

DOI: 10.3923/ja.2006.1.4






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