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Information Technology Journal
Smartphone Technological Advancement Trends: A Scheme for Knowledge Acquisition Towards Societal Development
Oguchi Onyeizu Ajaegbu , Chigozirim Ajaegbu and Oluwaseyi Adewunmi Sodeinde

Smart phone technology as a communication gadget has become the thrilling phenomenon of the modern age. However, its usage should be such that should bring about innovative benefits leading to societal development. As Moore predicted that the complexity of integrated circuit will be in constant increase every 18 months, the technology of smart phone is one that will continue to experience growth. It is important that technology of smart phone grows in parallel with knowledge acquisition to enable objective users of the technology. The main objective of the paper was to investigate this prevailing attribute of innovative strategy possessed by these smart phone designers and how well it could mean to a society when adopted towards a steady societal development. To close this gap, this paper examined literature with a view to drawing conclusions that a “strong innovative strategy” is a factor that should not be underestimated by any society gearing towards growth in knowledge acquisition. Also, a concept model was presented as a lead to mend the knowledge gap that could arise in a society as a result of lack of knowledge in the technical uses and benefit this technology could offer to the society.
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