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International Journal of Poultry Science
  Year: 2005 | Volume: 4 | Issue: 5 | Page No.: 296-300
DOI: 10.3923/ijps.2005.296.300
Genetic Parameters of Body and Some Carcass Traits in Two Quail Strains
N. Vali , M.A. Edriss and H.R. Rahmani

In order to estimate genetic parameters for body weights and carcass yield of 2 strains of quails; 32 pairs of Japanese quail (coturnix Japanese) and 26 pairs of range quail (coturnix ypisilophorus) randomly were selected from the base populations of parents. Produced progenies (650 birds) were used to estimate the genetic parameters of body weights and carcass characteristics traits. Body weights at 35, 42 and 49 days of ages were significantly different, while there was no significant difference for body weights at 63 days of age (p>0.05). Carcass weight, carcass percent, breast weight and thigh percent were significantly affected by strain source of variations (p<0.1). Estimated heritabilities for different traits were from 0.030±0.090 for breast weight of coturnix Japanese to 0.787±0.406 for thigh weight of coturnix ypisilophorus. Genetic correlation among body weights at 35, 42, 49, 63 days of age and among carcass traits (carcass weight, breast weight and thigh weight) were all positive and high, while genetic correlation for breast percent, and carcass percent were low. Genetic correlation of thigh percent with the other considered traits was negative except body weight at 42 days of age, which tended to be low.
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How to cite this article:

N. Vali , M.A. Edriss and H.R. Rahmani , 2005. Genetic Parameters of Body and Some Carcass Traits in Two Quail Strains . International Journal of Poultry Science, 4: 296-300.

DOI: 10.3923/ijps.2005.296.300






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