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International Journal of Plant Breeding and Genetics
  Year: 2016 | Volume: 10 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 91-97
DOI: 10.3923/ijpbg.2016.91.97
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Effect of Dimethyl Sulphate on the Growth, Induction of Mutations and Their Identification by Peroxidase Isozyme in Tecoma stans

Gehan G. Mostafa and Mona F. Abou Alhamd

Background: Tecoma stans is an important plant as flowering perennial shrub and herbal medicine. Methodology: Seeds were soaked in Dimethyl Sulphate Solution (DMS) at the concentrations of 0, 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 ppm for 15 h to induce genetic variability. Results: The concentration of 600 ppm had stimulative effect on all studied traits of vegetative growth in the 1st generation only. While, the adverse effect was occurred in the M2 generation. The concentrations of 200 and 1000 ppm increased significantly the number of florets per inflorescence in both generations. Most treatments produced changes in the leaf form in both generations. All valuable mutants were produced in the 2nd generation. The treatments of 400 and 600 ppm produced plants with lobed pinnately margins of the leaflets (M5). Florets without the orange strip in the throat were found after the concentration of 800 ppm. Florets with four petals were found using 800 ppm and plant having large number of florets in its inflorescence was also found. Dwarfed plant produced using 600 ppm. Thirteen plants with large leaves were obtained after 1000 ppm treatment (M3). Different profile among mutants was found using peroxidase isozyme. Similarity values indicated that, all mutants differed genetically from control with different genetic distances. The dendrogram tree classified the mutants to two clusters. Mutants 3 and 5 were grouped in cluster A and the other mutants and control were grouped in cluster B. Conclusion: Dimethyl sulphate is a powerful mutagens for inducing genetic variability and valuable mutants in Tecoma stans, which can be vegetatively propagated as new cultivar.
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How to cite this article:

Gehan G. Mostafa and Mona F. Abou Alhamd, 2016. Effect of Dimethyl Sulphate on the Growth, Induction of Mutations and Their Identification by Peroxidase Isozyme in Tecoma stans. International Journal of Plant Breeding and Genetics, 10: 91-97.

DOI: 10.3923/ijpbg.2016.91.97






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