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International Journal of Pharmacology
  Year: 2010 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 5 | Page No.: 608-615
DOI: 10.3923/ijp.2010.608.615
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Myorelaxant and Spasmolytic Effects of Globularia alypum L. Extract on Rabbit Jejunum

A. Chokri, R. Doukali, K. El Abida and R. Ben Cheikh

The aim of this study was to investigate the myorelaxant and the spasmolytic effects of the Globularia alypum L. (GA) extract and to elucidate its role on the Ca2+ mobilization. Contraction of isolated rabbit jejunum incubated in Tyrode solution was recorded in presence of methanolic extract of GA. This extract showed a reduction of the amplitude and the tone of spontaneous contraction in a concentration-dependent manner. Spasmolytic effect was studied on tonus increase induced by Ach 10-5 M or by Tyrode high KCl (100 mM). Acetylcholine (10-5 M) induced contraction was inhibited by cumulative concentrations of the extract. Also, GA completely relaxed the jejunum contracted by KCl. In order to assess if GA effect involved Ca2+ influx restriction, the jejunum was replaced in Ca2+ free Tyrode solution with EDTA (2 mM) or in Tyrode containing GA (6.4 mg mL-1) and then was challenged with KCl or Ach. Pre-treatment with GA extract inhibited the restored spontaneous contraction obtained when Ca2+ was added to the bath. GA extract abolished tonic phase of Ach induced contraction and drastically diminished phasic one, while it completely abolished KCl induced contraction. Similar responses were obtained when the jejunum was placed in Tyrode Ca2+ free. Verapamil a standard spasmolytic agent or a sub maximal concentration of GA inhibited and right shifted the Ca2+ response curves realized on jejunum incubated in high K+ Ca2+ free. All these results suggest that GA extract probably acts at least through a voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels blockade.
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A. Chokri, R. Doukali, K. El Abida and R. Ben Cheikh, 2010. Myorelaxant and Spasmolytic Effects of Globularia alypum L. Extract on Rabbit Jejunum. International Journal of Pharmacology, 6: 608-615.

DOI: 10.3923/ijp.2010.608.615






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