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International Journal of Pharmacology
  Year: 2010 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 53-57
DOI: 10.3923/ijp.2010.53.57
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In vivo Hair Growth Activity of Herbal Formulations

M. Semalty, A. Semalty, Geeta P. Joshi and M.S.M. Rawat

The present study deals with the assessment of hair growth potential of three plants, Semecarpus anacardium, Trigonella foenumgraecum and Trigonella corniculata. Petroleum ether and ethanolic extracts of all the plants were prepared. Aloe vera gel (prepared with fresh Aloe vera leaves) based herbal formulations were prepared with both types of extracts of each plant. The formulations were subjected to characterization of pH, texture, odour and toxicity studies. Hair growth activity of the formulations was studied in comparison of 2% minoxidil solution (standard) in albino rats for 30 days. It was concluded that T. foenumgraecum showed the best hair growth activity. Formulation containing T. foenumgraecum petroleum ether extract showed the minimum time to initiate (5 days) as well as to complete the hair growth (18 days) at denuded surfaces. Formulation with T. foenumgraecum ethanolic extract showed the best hair lengthening properties as compared to others. The study concluded that even the short-term treatment with these herbal formulations is effective in significant hair growth promotion.
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How to cite this article:

M. Semalty, A. Semalty, Geeta P. Joshi and M.S.M. Rawat, 2010. In vivo Hair Growth Activity of Herbal Formulations. International Journal of Pharmacology, 6: 53-57.

DOI: 10.3923/ijp.2010.53.57


29 May, 2011
dr.muhammad Afzal:
Indeed it is great pleasure to read your reseach.I want to try this research for me. My age is 58 and middle area of head is bald.I have prepared this ointment with the extract from petroleum ether.Two of the herbs are trigonella foem-kasuri methi seeds and other herbis semscarpus anacadium fruit.The third one trigonella corniculata is not clear to me. is it not the same as methi dana if not please let me know.I have started using both the herbs extract in base alovera fresh in cream form.I love to grow my hair in natural process.I have prepared cream taking equal parts of both exracrs.One week past and I using it regularly.
30 December, 2011
Dr. Mona Semalty:

Thanks for giving attention to my research work. Its good you are trying the same on youself. But i think you have not read the article properly. In our opinion Semescarpus does not show good effects and it may sensitize the scalp. So use Kasuri methi and plain methi dana in cream form and try... Certainly it will give good benefits. Best of luck.

29 December, 2011
swati rauthan:
i am really excited to read this article because a). its where i studied from
b). i am also doing research on alopecia
c). i never knew such researches are undergoing in the university
so i am glad reading this
20 September, 2012
Kishor Adhikari:
Hello sir,
I am very happy to see such a good method for hair growth promoting activity and aloepecia.

Inspiring from your research, i am also conducting a research on "Evaluation of hair growth promoting activity and antifungal activity of Maharanga bicolor and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, In which we are preparing a formulation by mixing petroleum ether extract of above mentioned plant in fresh aloe vera leaf gel but we are unable to make a good and homogenously mixed gel. It is very difficult to mixed aloe vera gel and petroleum ether extract may be due to its lipophilic and hydrophilic nature.

So, I wish some suggestions sothat i can conduct research smoothly.

Thank you




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