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International Journal of Meat Science
  Year: 2011 | Volume: 1 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 83-92
DOI: 10.3923/ijmeat.2011.83.92
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Ultrasound as a Modern Tool for Carcass Evaluation and Meat Processing: A Review

V. Pathak, V.P. Singh and Yadav Sanjay

Ultrasound is a modern tool that can be utilized as non-destructive means for carcass evaluation and meat processing. It may also serve the purpose of value and quality-based marketing of live animals as well as the carcass and meat products at global level. Ultrasounds are the waves which can travel more quickly through muscle tissues than fat tissues. Measuring the velocity with which a sound wave passes from a transmitter to a receiver through a meat sample gives an indication of composition. Accuracy of prediction of carcass composition on live animals could be improved by the addition of ultrasonic fat and muscle depth measurements. By this way subcutaneous fat thickness in live animals could be accurately measured over the rib, lumbar and rump and that longissimus muscle area. Meat is inspected ultrasonically to determine fat-to-lean ratio and to obtain a three-dimensional computer image of the interior of the carcass showing the location, shape and nature of the various pixels of different materials (fat, lean, bone, abscesses or other tissues) in the carcass. On that basis grading of the carcasses can be easily done. Low-intensity ultrasound is a non-destructive technique that provides information about physicochemical properties like composition, structure, physical state and flow rate. High-intensity ultrasound is used to alter physical or chemical properties of foods, for example to generate emulsions, disrupt cells, promote chemical reactions, inhibit enzymes, tenderize meat and modify crystallization processes. Ultimately, ultrasound is a good tool for assessment of carcass characteristics in live animals, non-destructive method in quality evaluation of carcass and different meat product. It may also be the important means for marketability of the animal products through quality assurance.
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V. Pathak, V.P. Singh and Yadav Sanjay, 2011. Ultrasound as a Modern Tool for Carcass Evaluation and Meat Processing: A Review. International Journal of Meat Science, 1: 83-92.

DOI: 10.3923/ijmeat.2011.83.92






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