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International Journal of Chemical Technology
  Year: 2009 | Volume: 1 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 26-32
DOI: 10.3923/ijct.2009.26.32
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Preparation and in vitro Degradation of Methoxy Poly (Ethylene Glycol)-b-Poly (D, L-Lactide) Tubes for Nerve Tissue Engineering

N. Kotsaeng, Y. Baimark and Y. Srisuwan

This study has proposed novel biodegradable nerve guide tubes. Nerve guide tubes were made of a methoxy poly (ethylene glycol)-b-poly (D, L-lactide) diblock copolymer. The diblock copolymer was completely amorphous. The nerve guide tubes were prepared by a dip-coating technique. Three types of nerve guides with inner diameter of approximately 790 μm were constructed by variation of the number of dip-coated layers. Wall thicknesses of the tubes were 186, 217 and 278 μm for three, five and seven dip-coating steps, respectively with smooth in surface appearance. All tubes showed good transparent and flexibility that can be used for nerve guide regeneration. Glass transition temperatures of diblock copolymer tubes increased after degradation. From in vitro degradation test, it was demonstrated that the tubes with 5 and 7 layers were still undamaged after 3 weeks degradation period. The tubes maintained gross structural integrity in the first 3 weeks except the 3 layer tube, followed by sharp weight loss and most complete disappearance at about 5 weeks degradation period. Porous structures were occurred throughout the tube surfaces and matrices after degradation for a week.
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N. Kotsaeng, Y. Baimark and Y. Srisuwan, 2009. Preparation and in vitro Degradation of Methoxy Poly (Ethylene Glycol)-b-Poly (D, L-Lactide) Tubes for Nerve Tissue Engineering. International Journal of Chemical Technology, 1: 26-32.

DOI: 10.3923/ijct.2009.26.32






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