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International Journal of Agricultural Research
  Year: 2016 | Volume: 11 | Issue: 4 | Page No.: 135-142
DOI: 10.3923/ijar.2016.135.142
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Vermicomposting Derived Liquids: Fertigation Potential in Urban Farming
Shlrene Quaik , Kaizar Hossain and Mahamad Hakimi Ibrahim

Background: Currently, most farmers favour more on application of inorganic fertilizer compared to organic fertilizer. In the long run, utilization of inorganic fertilizer has raised concern towards health as well as environmental issues. More and more rural lands are turning unsuitable for farming due to the pollution of land and water by factory farms. Nonetheless, in urban agriculture, the use of inorganic fertilizer in such proximity to residential area is detrimental to health over a long period of time. In order of making urban farming viable in the sense of environmental friendly, alternatives of chemical fertilizers are getting acceptance. This project studied on the potential of utilizing vermicomposting derived liquids in urban farming fertigation. Materials and Methods: Pre-composted cow dung was used in the study. Liquids (vermiwash and vermicomposting leachate) collected were diluted to prevent leaf scorching. Chemical analysis showed the present of plant nutrients. Enhancement in chlorophyll contents (chlorophyll a, b and total chlorophyll) were observed as well as improvement in nutrients distribution in sweet potato leaf. Results: This study showed potential of vermiwash and vermicomposting leachate as organic foliar fertilizer. Conclusion: Hence, the application of these liquids in field scale urban farming fertigation is possible. For enriching the nutrients content of vermiwash and vermicimposting leachate, other nutrients rich substrate may be added.
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Shlrene Quaik, Kaizar Hossain and Mahamad Hakimi Ibrahim, 2016. Vermicomposting Derived Liquids: Fertigation Potential in Urban Farming. International Journal of Agricultural Research, 11: 135-142.

DOI: 10.3923/ijar.2016.135.142








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