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International Journal of Agricultural Research
  Year: 2008 | Volume: 3 | Issue: 4 | Page No.: 287-295
DOI: 10.3923/ijar.2008.287.295
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Water Stress Induces Cultivar Dependent Changes in Stomatal Complex, Yield and Osmotic Adjustments in Glycine max L.

F.B. Adejare and C.E. Umebese

Glycine max (L.) Merril. cultivars TGX 536-02D cv. A) and TGX 923-2E (cv. B) were subjected to water stress for 7 days at the vegetative stage (T2), flowering/fruiting stage (T3), seed development stage (T4) and the control (T1) with water potential (ψw) values of about -1.5, -2.3, -2.7 and -0.3 MPa, respectively. Stressed T3 and T4 plants of both cultivars had very low tolerance (20-46%). Trichomes were present in the abaxial epidermis of T3 and T4 plants with higher occurrence in cv.B and stomata were sunken. Generally, abaxial and adaxial stomatal aperture of stressed cultivars decreased in the order T2>T3>T4 stages and there was a corresponding increase in stomatal index in stressed plants. The low tolerance of T3 and T4 plants coupled with significant reduction in stomatal aperture with increase in stomatal index may have caused the drastic reduction in number of pods and seed yield of these stressed plants. While yield of T2 plants of cv. B was also significantly reduced (p<0.05), 100 seed weight of cv. A was significantly enhanced. Both cultivars are capable of osmotic adjustments as shown by the accumulation of sugars and the reduction of lipids and starch in seeds of stressed plants with greater accumulation of sugar in cv. B. Hence the reproductive stage is critical in the growth of both cultivars but cv. B shows greater osmotic and structural adjustments than cv. A.
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F.B. Adejare and C.E. Umebese, 2008. Water Stress Induces Cultivar Dependent Changes in Stomatal Complex, Yield and Osmotic Adjustments in Glycine max L.. International Journal of Agricultural Research, 3: 287-295.

DOI: 10.3923/ijar.2008.287.295






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