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  Year: 2014 | Volume: 13 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 46-53
DOI: 10.3923/biotech.2014.46.53
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Evidence-based Analysis of a Novel Symbiotic and Epiphytic Cyanobacteria Associated with Azolla by Cyto and Molecular Taxonomy

K. Kannan, D. Vijayan, D. MubarakAli, R. Praveenkumar, A. Parveez Ahamed and N. Thajuddin

Azolla-Anabaena symbiosis is one of the vital roles in the field of agriculture and development. Both the associates have mutualistic relationship and work together for carbon and nitrogen fixation to soil. The present study is to investigate the new entity in the relationship between the Azolla and Cyanobacteria. Endophytic and Epiphytic cyanobacterial associates were isolated from different Azolla sp. viz., Azolla pinnata, Azolla caroliana and Azolla filliculoides. The isolates were further characterized by conventional methods and molecular techniques. A novel entity, Westiellopsis was found in the association with Azolla filiculoides comparatively with previously reported. Furthermore, Anabaena variabilis precluded from Azolla filiculoides was produce red color pigmentation. The C-Phycoerythrin content of the isolated cyanobacterial symbiont was measured by absorption and fluorescence emission spectroscopy. The nutritional optimization was done showed two fold increased in pigment production than the control.
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