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  Year: 2013 | Volume: 12 | Issue: 6 | Page No.: 213-224
DOI: 10.3923/biotech.2013.213.224
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Tissue Culture Induced Variability in some Horticultural Important Ornamentals: Chromosomal and Molecular Basis-A Review

A. Mujib, S. Banerjee and P.D. Ghosh

Ornamentals are important groups of plants in plant kingdom. Conventionally, these groups of plants propagate vegetatively. During the last few decades plant tissue culture method has been used successfully for commercial production of a wide range of economic and elite plants including ornamentals. Although the in vitro technology assures true-to-type clones, tissue culture-induced variations are also common in plants. In this present review, the authors discussed various observed changes in tissue-culture regenerated plants. The changes have been categorized into three different types such as chimerical, temporary or physiological and somaclonal variation, both heritable and non-heritable in nature. The causes of variation, detection mode and related mechanism that contribute variation have been discussed in ornamentals. The communication also highlighted karyotypic alterations, sequence change, DNA methylation and the involvement of transposable elements with respect to cultural variation. The creation and rearrangement of new chimera, in vitro separation of chimera and identification of superior somaclonal variants may offer new varieties to growers for commercial plantations.
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  •    Molecular Analysis of Genetic Stability in Long-Term Micropropagated Shoots of Olea europaea L. (cv. Dezful)
  •    Agronomical and Physiochemical Characterization of Somaclonal Variants in Indica Basmati Rice
  •    Regeneration and Somaclonal Variation in Medicago sativa and Medicago media
  •    Somaclonal Variation in in vitro Regenerated Ledebouria graminifolia (Hyacinthaceae), an Indigenous Bulb in Botswana and its Potential Exploitation as an Ornamental Plant
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A. Mujib, S. Banerjee and P.D. Ghosh, 2013. Tissue Culture Induced Variability in some Horticultural Important Ornamentals: Chromosomal and Molecular Basis-A Review. Biotechnology, 12: 213-224.

DOI: 10.3923/biotech.2013.213.224






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