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Asian Journal of Plant Sciences
  Year: 2019 | Volume: 18 | Issue: 3 | Page No.: 110-116
DOI: 10.3923/ajps.2019.110.116
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Effect of Pruning and Cytokinin Application on the Growth of Tea GMB 7 Clone

Intan Ratna Dewi Anjarsari , Jajang Sauman Hamdani , Cucu Suherman and Tati Nurmala

Background and Objectives: The use of growth regulators in pruned tea plantation in Indonesia is still very rare. One method that can be applied to increase growth is through the application of cytokinin such as Benzil amino purine (BAP). The objective of this study was to determine whether the combination of pruning and application of cytokinin BAP can increase the growth of tea. Materials and Methods: This experiment was conducted in Tea and Chinchona Research Centre, Gambung, west Java with an altitude of 1,250 masl. Randomized block design (RBD) was used with pruned height treatment, pruning type and cytokinin dosage combined into 8 treatments. Materials were used 7 year old GMB 7 clone and BAP. All parameters were tested by analysis of variance (ANOVA), followed by Duncan's multiple range test (DMRT) at the 5% significance level. Results: The results showed that type and height of pruning and application of cytokinin BAP affect the growth of pruned tea plants. The combination of clean pruning treatment, a pruning height of 60 cm and cytokinin usage in 60 mL produced optimal results for increased number of buds and active shoot (pecco) in pruned tea plants. Conclusion: The application of BAP can improve plant growth and development. This indicates that the provision of growth regulators has the potential to be used to accelerate the growth of tea plants after being pruned.
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Intan Ratna Dewi Anjarsari, Jajang Sauman Hamdani, Cucu Suherman and Tati Nurmala, 2019. Effect of Pruning and Cytokinin Application on the Growth of Tea GMB 7 Clone. Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 18: 110-116.

DOI: 10.3923/ajps.2019.110.116






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