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Asian Journal of Plant Sciences
  Year: 2006 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 5 | Page No.: 899-904
DOI: 10.3923/ajps.2006.899.904
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The Pytosociological Characteristics of Ecosystems of Mountain of Talysh Region of Azerbaijan

Vagif V. Atamov, Musa Cabbarov and Elshad Gurbanov

In this region forest area occur from the plain zone Quercetum, Alnusetum, Aceretum, Fagetum, Fageto-Carpinetum, Parrotietum, Querceto-Fagetum, Fageto-Quercetum, Carpineto-Fagetum, up to 1400 m, the xerophyte plants are dominant in region with frigana, pseudomaquis, steppe, rocky-stony and pebbly ecosystems between 1400 and 2582 m. The forest area are widespread in the low altitude of region and among the forest, at the high altitudes, there are some formations. These are Dianthusetum, Sedetum, Campanuletum, Spergularietum, Nepetetum, Prangosetum, Silenetum, Asperulifolietum, Iridetum, Ziziphoretum, Thymetum, Onobrychisetum, Acantholimonetum, Festuceto-Astragaletum, Pyreteto-Festucetum, Astragaleto-Acantholimonetum, Festuceto-Astragaletum, Thymeto-Astragaleto-Acantholimonetum, Ilexetum, Paeonieto-Ilexetum, Fageto-Ilexetum. There are some morphological are some changes on the stem and leaves become small, the presence of rosette, on the upper of ground the plant become cosh and ball, the presence of underground, adaptation on the xerophyte plants of high mountainous zone. The members of Liliaceae, Iridaceae, Orchidaceae, families can be given for this category. Among these, species belong to Iris, species belong to Allium, species belong to Gagea and 4 species belong to Muscari genus. These geophytes species are important for the flora of autumn and spring and they have temporary aspect for the vegetation of region. These icing of plants are characterized for mountainous ecosystem and can survive on the stony-pebbly and on the peak humus soils. In this region the plants are categorized according to their root system and 41.6% stoke root, 0.2% fringe-stake root, .8% fringe were determined. Bulbous, tuberous and rizomic plants have an important role on the mountainous ecosystem of phytosenolocical structure as a seasonally.
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Vagif V. Atamov, Musa Cabbarov and Elshad Gurbanov, 2006. The Pytosociological Characteristics of Ecosystems of Mountain of Talysh Region of Azerbaijan. Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 5: 899-904.

DOI: 10.3923/ajps.2006.899.904






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