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American Journal of Plant Physiology
  Year: 2006 | Volume: 1 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 132-141
DOI: 10.3923/ajpp.2006.132.141
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The Interactive Effect of Salinity and PGR on Certain Bio-Chemical Parameters in Wheat Seedlings

Nand Kishor Jat and Vimal Sharma

Wheat varieties Raj. 3777 (Salt tolerant) and Lok. 1 (Salt sensitive) were grown in seed germinator for twelve days at 25oC under 12 h light: 12 h dark photoperiod and approx. 52% relative humidity in Petri dishes containing Hoagland`s solution without and with 1% NaCl and in combination with 10 or 20 ppm GA3; 25 or 50 ppm IAA. In all there were 10 treatments for each variety and each treatment was replicated thrice. Seed germination, length of shoot and root, fresh and dry weight of shoot and root, proline, soluble sugar, soluble protein and chlorophyll content were estimated at the end of experimental period using standard methods. Analysis of data (ANOVA) revealed that salinity significantly decreased seed germination; shoot length, fresh and dry weight; root length, fresh and dry weight; increased proline content and lowered soluble sugars in shoot. All these deleterious effects of salinity were counteracted by 10 or 20 ppm GA3 or 25 ppm IAA, while 50 ppm IAA had negative effect. These two varieties [i.e., Raj. 3777 and Lok 1] responded differently in terms of magnitude of effects of salinity and growth hormones. Further, the lower concentrations of growth hormones were more effective in ameliorating the salt stress. These results suggest that growth hormones are effective tools which could be explored for combating salinity stress in wheat.
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Nand Kishor Jat and Vimal Sharma , 2006. The Interactive Effect of Salinity and PGR on Certain Bio-Chemical Parameters in Wheat Seedlings. American Journal of Plant Physiology, 1: 132-141.

DOI: 10.3923/ajpp.2006.132.141






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