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Asian Journal of Biological Sciences
Allelopathic Effect of Pentaclethra macrophylla Benth. Leaf Extracts on Germination and Seedling Growth of Maize and Okra
Justin Ugochukwu Ogbu , Rasheed Olufemi Awodoyin and Oluseun Sunday Olubode

Background and Objective: Pentaclethra macrophylla Benth. is an indigenous leguminous tree of southern Nigeria’s agroecosystems, whose seeds are used as spices; however, its allelopathy potential is not understood. Therefore, this study was aimed at investigating P. macrophylla allelopathic effects on germination and seedling growth of maize and okra. Materials and Methods: Allelopathic effects of Aqueous Leaf Extracts (ALE) of P. macrophylla at 0 (control), 10, 20, 40 and 80% concentrations on maize (n = 200) and okra (n = 200) seed germination and seedling growth were assessed in laboratory and screen house nursery. Total germination (%) for both crops was determined at one Week After Sowing (WAS); while Number of Leaves (NL), Plant Height(PH) (cm), Root Length (RL) (cm) and Dry Weight (DW) (g) were evaluated at 8 WAS. Experimental design used in the study was completely randomized design. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and ANOVA at α0.05. Results: Above 90.0% germination was recorded for maize in all the ALE concentrations, while for okra ALE-10 gave significantly highest germination (90.0±8.7%) and ALE-80 gave least (42.5±26.3%). Maize and okra seedlings given ALE-40 had highest NL, PH and DW;* while ALE-0 (control) had least values in PH and DW, respectively. Control had highest RL in both crops. The ALE-10 gave least RL in maize and ALE-20 gave least RL in okra. Conclusion: Pentaclethra macrophylla aqueous leaf extract at 10% enhanced germination, while 40% concentration encouraged dry matter accumulation and height in maize and okra seedlings.
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