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Asian Journal of Biological Sciences
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Morphological and Physiological Responses of Three Populations of Ziziphus lotus L. on Seedling Stage Under Saline Stress
Chaimae Rais , Chaimae Slimani, Mariame Houhou, Laila Elhanafi, Faouzi Errachidi, Lahsen El Ghadraoui, Abderrahim Lazraq and Said Louahlia

Background and Objective: This study aims to evaluate the behavior of three natural populations of Ziziphus lotus namely A, B and C, respectively from three different regions under the effect of saline stress on the seedling stage. Materials and Methods: The areas targeted during these investigations are AinChifa (sub-humid stage), Fez (semi-arid) and Guercif (arid stage). During 4 weeks, Z. lotus seedlings were a subject for salt stress with different concentrations: 0, 50, 100 and 200 mM. The biomass of the leaves, stems and roots by dry matter of the plant, relative water content of leaves, total chlorophyll content and proline content were determined. Results: The results obtained has showed that saline stress has a significant effect on the various parameters such as leaf, stem and root biomass, relative water content, chlorophyll and proline. Conclusion: Salt stress affect morphological and physiological behavior of Ziziphus lotus because it exerts a depressive effect on all the parameters studied.
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