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Asian Journal of Biotechnology
  Year: 2020 | Volume: 12 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 87-96
DOI: 10.3923/ajbkr.2020.87.96
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Effect of Balanites aegyptiaca Fruit-pericarp Extract on Fructose Induced Hyperglycemia and Hyperlipidemia in Rats

Mhya Daniel Hassan , Zubair Isah Abdulkarim and Mankilik Mary

Background and Objective: High fructose intake has been reported to alter metabolisms leading to hyperglycemia and dyslipidemia. This study investigated the effect of Balanites aegyptiaca fruit-pericarp extract on high fructose fed rats. Materials and Methods: Balanites aegyptiaca fruits after collection were dehulled to obtain pericarps, air-dried and pulverized into powdered then extracted with ethanol. Phytochemical content and acute toxicity of the extract were ascertained. The study was conducted on rats divided into 7 groups of 5 each, namely; normal control, extract control (received 600 mg kg1 b.wt., extract), fructose control (received 30% fructose solution), standard drug control (fructose fed rats treated with simvastatin 25 mg kg1) while group 4-6 were fructose fed rats treated with extract at 200, 400 and 800 mg kg1 b.wt.. After 21 days of extract administration, rats were sacrificed, blood collected and serum separated which was used for the biochemical analysis. Results: The study showed pericarp extract possess variety of phytochemical (phenols, flavonoids, saponins, tannins) and is safe with lethal median dose (LD50) assumed at 4000 mg kg1 b.wt., of rats. Lipid profile varies significantly (p<0.05) between rats fed fructose untreated and treated whereas, fasting blood glucose and insulin are insignificantly (p>0.05) different among all groups. Fructose untreated rats had the highest weight increase at 17% compare to the treated rats. Conclusion: The study found pericarp extract of Balanites aegyptiaca safe, possess important phytochemicals and able to prevent fructose induced hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia in rats. It may be a good source for the management of metabolic disorders.
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Mhya Daniel Hassan, Zubair Isah Abdulkarim and Mankilik Mary, 2020. Effect of Balanites aegyptiaca Fruit-pericarp Extract on Fructose Induced Hyperglycemia and Hyperlipidemia in Rats. Asian Journal of Biotechnology, 12: 87-96.

DOI: 10.3923/ajbkr.2020.87.96






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