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Asian Journal of Animal Sciences
  Year: 2017 | Volume: 11 | Issue: 5 | Page No.: 221-229
DOI: 10.3923/ajas.2017.221.229
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Fish availability and Marketing System at Local Markets of a Coastal District, Southern Bangladesh

Md. Yusuf Ali , Shaharior Hossen, S.M. Oasiqul Azad , Md. Shahin Alom, Md. Anwar Hossain Mondal, Mir Mohammad Ali and Mohammad Belal Hossain

Background and Objectives: Fish biodiversity is important for the future sustainability of aquatic resources in Bangladesh. However, stresses due to overfishing, climate change, habitat loss, eutrophication and pollution pose threats to fish biodiversity. This study was designed to investigate the availability of fish species, marketing channel and constraints associated with 5 fish market in order to provide suggestions for efficient management and fish marketing system in Patuakhali district. Materials and Methods: Primary data were collected by using questionnaire interviews, participatory rural appraisals (PRA) and cross-check interviews with key informants from Pirtala, Rajakhali, Angaria, Lebukhali and Pangasius fish markets for 1 year from August, 2015-July, 2016. Results: A total number of 103 fish species belonging 55 freshwater, 37 marine and estuarine and 11 crustacean species were available in these fish market. Highest number (89) of fish species was recorded during the rainy season and lowest number of fish species (26) was recorded in summer season in 5 markets. Among them highest amounts were ilish (32.2%) and lowest amounts were exotic carp (3%). Pirtala bazar fish market represented highest number (95) of fish species where Pangasia (71) represented small number of fish species. Majority farmer/fisherme (50%) were directly sells their fish to the Aratders. Pirtala bazar fish market showed highest price compare to the other fish markets. Likert scale technique was developed to identify inadequate ice facilities as main problem of fish market. Conclusion: Rui, catla, thai pangus, silver carp, ilish, bata, tilapia species were most available in the market whereas species such as kajuli, gutum, tara baim, pabda, sagor rita, rup chanda were rare and chital and foli were very rare in the market due to over fishing and habitat destruction of these species. Enforcement of regulatory measure to protect habitat and reduce over fishing, establishment of ice factory, improved electricity and water supply, construction of cold storage, modern communication system and permanent platform were recommended to mitigate the constraints associated with the fish market.
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Md. Yusuf Ali, Shaharior Hossen, S.M. Oasiqul Azad, Md. Shahin Alom, Md. Anwar Hossain Mondal, Mir Mohammad Ali and Mohammad Belal Hossain, 2017. Fish availability and Marketing System at Local Markets of a Coastal District, Southern Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Animal Sciences, 11: 221-229.

DOI: 10.3923/ajas.2017.221.229






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