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  Singapore Journal of Scientific Research is a quarterly, peer-reviewed international research journal that addresses both applied and theoretical issues. The scope of the journal encompasses research articles, original research reports, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in the fields of applied and theoretical sciences, biology, chemistry, physics, zoology, medical studies, environmental sciences, mathematics, statistics, geology, engineering, agricultural engineering, computer science, social sciences, natural sciences, technological sciences, linguistics, medicine, industrial and all other applied and theoretical sciences.

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  Editor-in-Chief:  Rosna Mat Taha
Al-Afeef, A., A. Sheta, A. Rabea, 2011. Image Reconstruction of a Manufacturing Process: A Genetic Programming Approach. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, New York.
Al-Afeef, A., A.F. Sheta and A. Al-Rabea, 2010. Image reconstruction of a metal fill industrial process using genetic programming. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, Novemver 29-December 1, 2010, Cairo University, Egypt -.
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Al-Rabea, A.I., M. Jaber and A.V.S. Kumar, 2009. Solution for string matching problem of Indian alphabetical letters. Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Technology and Development, November 13-15, 2009, ICCTD, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, pp: 11-14.
Alkoffash, M.S., M.J. Bawaneh and A.I. Al Rabea, 2008. Which software cost estimation model to choose in a particular project. J. Comput. Sci., 4: 606-612.
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Alrabea, A.I. and I.M.M. El-Emary, 2010. Managing telrmedicin application using wireless sensor networks. Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Applications and Information Technology, September 3, 2010, Hindusthan College of Ert and Sience-Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India -.
Bawaneh, M.J., M.S. Alkoffash and A.I. Al Rabea, 2008. Arabic text classification using K-NN and naive bayes. J. Comput. Sci., 4: 600-605.
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El-Emary, I.M.M. and A.I. Al Rabia, 2005. Fault detection of computer communication networks using an expert system. Am. J. Applied Sci., 2: 1407-1411.
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El-Emary, I.M.M., I. Adanan and A. Rabia, 2005. Estimation techniques for monitoring and controlling the performance of the computer communication networks. Am. J. Applied Sci., 2: 1395-1400.
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Kumar, A.V.S., A. Alrabea and P.C. Sekhar, 2010. Temporal Association Rule Mining in Large Databases. In: Knowledge Discovery Practices and Emerging Applications of Data Mining: Trends and New Domains, Kumar, A.V.S. (Ed.). IGI Global, USA.



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