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  Current Research in Tuberculosis is dedicated to publish high quality research work from all over the world on clinical and epidemiological aspects of tuberculosis. Scope of the journal includes: Respiratory diseases and therapeutic interventions, adult and pediatric medicine, epidemiology, immunology and cell biology, pathogenesis, microbial physiology, diagnostics, vaccine development, drug resistance, pharmacology, occupational disorders, and the role of allergens and pollutants.

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  Editor-in-Chief:  Seyed Ehtesham Hasnain
Ganesan, V., B.N. Harish, G.A. Menezes and S.C. Parija, 2014. Detection of salmonella in blood by PCR using iroB gene. J. Clin. Diagn. Res., Vol. 8. 10.7860/JCDR/2014/9191.5086.
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PubMed  |  
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PubMed  |  
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PubMed  |  Direct Link  |  
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PubMed  |  
Solomon, J.P., P. Margaret, R. Rajendran, R. Ramalingam and G.A. Menezes et al., 2015. A case report and literature review of fanconi anemia (FA) diagnosed by genetic testing. Ital. J. Pediatr., Vol. 41. 10.1186/s13052-015-0142-6.
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