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    Publisher: Academic Journals Inc., USA
  Research Journal of Information Technology is positioned to publish high quality research papers that reflect global information technology advances. Scope of the journal includes: Strategy, change, infrastructure, human resources, sourcing, system development and implementation, communications, Software engineering, formal methods and business process management, technology developments, technology futures, national policies and standards.

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  Editor-in-Chief:  David Chek Ling Ngo
Al-Bashish, D., M. Braik and S. Bani-Ahmad, 2011. Detection and classification of leaf diseases using K-means-based segmentation and neural-networks-based classification. Inform. Technol. J., 10: 267-275.
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Al-Deen, A., M. Nofal and S. Bani-Ahmad, 2010. Classification based on association-rule mining techniques: A general survey and empirical comparative evaluation. Ubiquitous Comput. Commun. J., Vol. 5, No. 3. .
Bani-Ahmad, S. and A. Audeh, 2010. Re-engineering of multiple-choice exam-form production tools: Cost-effective and quality-assurance approach. J. Software Eng., 4: 288-296.
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Bani-Ahmad, S. and G. Al-Dweik, 2010. On improved example-based search in digital libraries via term ranking. Int. J. Theor. Applied Inform. Technol., 19: 44-54.
Bani-Ahmad, S. and G. Al-Dweik, 2011. A new term-ranking approach that supports improved searching in literature digital libraries. Res. J. Inform. Technol., 3: 44-52.
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Bani-Ahmad, S. and G. Ozsoyoglu, 2010. On using the research-pyramid model to enhance literature digital libraries. Inform. Technol. J., 9: 1093-1103.
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Bani-Ahmad, S. and I. Ababneh, 2008. Experimental study on time and space sharing on the powerxplorer UbiCC J., .
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Bani-Ahmad, S., 2009. On citation-behavior-guided search-phrase suggesters for online digital libraries. IADIS Int. J. Comput. Sci. Inform. Syst., 4: 16-19.
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Bani-Ahmad, S., 2011. Bounded gradual-request-partitioning-based allocation strategies in 2D-mesh multicomputers. Int. J. Digital Content Technol. Appl., 5: 43-54.
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Bani-Ahmad, S., 2011. Processor allocation with reduced internal and external fragmentation in 2D mesh-based multicomputers. J. Applied Sci., (In Press). .
Bani-Ahmad, S., 2011. Submesh allocation in 2D-mesh multicomputers: Partitioning at the longest dimension of requests. Int. Arab J. Inform. Technol., (In Press). .
Bani-Ahmad, S., A. Cakmak and G. Ozsoyoglu, 2005. Evaluating publication similarity measures. IEEE Data Eng. Bull., 28: 21-28.
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Ratprasartporn, N., J. Po, A. Cakmak, S. Bani-Ahmad and G. Ozsoyoglu, 2009. Context-based literature digital collection search. VLDB J., 18: 277-301.
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