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    Publisher: Asian Network for Scientific Information
  Asian Journal of Plant Sciences is a high quality scientific journal publishes the original research in all areas of plant science and botany. Scope of the journal includes: Plant biotechnology, plant cell and tissue culture, plant gene transfer, development, growth regulation, molecular cell biology and genetics, signal transduction, photosynthesis, pathogen resistance, nutrition, water relations and gas exchange, symbiosis, stress physiology, population genetics, ecology and molecular systematic.

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  Editor-in-Chief:  Sayyada Khatoon
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Bagci, E. and E. Yuce, 2013. The essential oils of the aerial parts of two Hypericum (H. pseudolaeve Robson and H. thymbrifolium Boiss. & Noe) species from East Anatolian Region of Turkey. J. Essent. oil Bearing Plants, 13: 390-397.
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Bagci, E., A. Bakoglu, A. Kocak and E. Yuce, 2010. The Fatty acid composition of some Medicago L. (Fabaceae) species From Turkey. J. Asian Chem., 22: 651-656.
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Dogan, G., S. Hayta, E. Yuce and E. Bagci, 2015. Composition of the essential oil of two Salvia taxa (Salvia sclarea and Salvia verticillata subsp. verticillata) from Turkey. Nat. Sci. Disc., 1: 62-67.
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Karaveliogullari, F. A., E. Yuce and B. Baser, 2014. Verbascum duzgunbabadagensis (Scrophulariaceae), a new species from eastern Anatolia, Turkey. Phytotaxa, 10.11646/phytotaxa.181.1.3.
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Kilic, O., E. Bagcı, G. Dogan, E. Yuce, S. Hayta, A. Demirpolat and S. Eser, 2014. Essential oil composition of endemic Sideritis dichotoma Huter (Lamiaceae) from Turkey. Bilecik Seyh Edebali Universitesi Fen Bilimleri Dergisi 1: 55-58.
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Vitek, E., E. Yuce and C. Ergin, 2014. Gundelia dersim and Gundelia munzuriensis (Compositae), two new species from Turkey. Phytotaxa, 161: 130-138.
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Yıldırım, N.C., M.Y. Paksoy, E. Yuce and N. Yildırım, 2013. Total antioxidant status and antıfungal actıvıtıes of endemic geophytic plants collected from Munzur Valley in Tunceli, Turkey. Digest J. Nanomater. Biostruct., 8: 403-408.
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Yuce, E., N.C. Yildırım, M.Y. Paksoy, N. Yildırım and E. Bagci, 2014. Essential Oil Composition, Antioxidant and Antifungal Activities of Salvia sclarea L. from Munzur Valley in Tunceli, Turkey. Cell. Mol. Biol., 60: 1-5.
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Yuce, E., M.Y. Paksoy and E. Bagci, 2016. Essential Oil Composition of Two Grammosciadium DC Species, G. platycarpum (Boiss et Hausskn) Schischk and G. macrodon Boiss (Apiaceae), from Turkey. Trop. J. Pharma. Res., 15: 411-414.
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