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Journal of Food Resource Science
  Year: 2013 | Volume: 2 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 1-12
DOI: 10.3923/jfrs.2013.1.12
Effects of Extraction Methods on the Yield and Quality Characteristics of Oils from Shea Nut
Julius K. Ikya, Lilly N. Umenger and Ayangealumun Iorbee

Shea butter oil was studied with aim of determining the most suitable method for use by rural processors based on oil yield and quality characteristics. This was done by comparing results of physical, chemical and sensory properties of oil extracted by Solvent Extraction Method (SEM) and Traditional Extraction Method (TEM). Results showed that SEM had a higher yield of 47.5% (39.3% greater) than TEM 34.1% while smoke point (233°C) was the same for both methods. Moisture content, flash and fire point values were lower for SEM (0.05±0.12, 253±0.05, 301±8.10, respectively) than TEM (0.2±0.06, 255±0.19, 303±3.25, respectively) indicating better keeping qualities for solvent method. Low acid value observed for TEM (0.50±0.06) showed the susceptibility of shea butter oil extracted by SEM (1.20±0.13) to rancidity. Acid value for TEM stayed below the accepted threshold of 1% for edible oils. Peroxide Value (PV) obtained for Shea butter oil extracted by TEM was lower than that of SEM, even though both methods possessed acceptable PV. In all, the study showed that shea butter oil extracted by both of the studied methods is capable of serving as a high yielding commercially rich source of vegetable oil. It also showed that solvent method of extraction was more viable in terms of oil yield percentage and other studied quality parameters even though lacking in overall sensory acceptability compared to the TEM which scored higher in terms for general sensory attributes and recommends further studies on sensory acceptability of the SEM.
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  •    Physicochemical Studies on Oils from Five Selected Nigerian Plant Seeds
How to cite this article:

Julius K. Ikya, Lilly N. Umenger and Ayangealumun Iorbee, 2013. Effects of Extraction Methods on the Yield and Quality Characteristics of Oils from Shea Nut. Journal of Food Resource Science, 2: 1-12.

DOI: 10.3923/jfrs.2013.1.12






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